May Wang

Partner and Time Specialist/ Business Consultant

With 10+ years of experience in operation and creating efficient workflow, May Wang brings the competitive advantage to her customers, the promise to find more time in their lives for what matters to them and empower them to take focused actions that lead to breakthrough performance.
Over the years, May has worked with individuals and groups in creating their own breakthrough projects and achieving unprecedented results. Her areas of expertise range from:

  • Generating new conversations around time and introducing implementation tools that leave clients being more productive and having the experience of power, freedom and peace of mind.
  • Assessing and creating efficient conversation management and work-flow process where integrity and excellence is present at all levels
  • Providing accountability and management training as a pathway to fulfill top performance results
  • Coaching and empowering executive assistant and internal staff to powerfully interact with the real-life challenges that leave them with freedom, ease and experience being acknowledged, and ultimately become an incredible asset to the management team of the organization they belong to

May holds a M.A. from University of Texas at Austin in Adult Education and Human Resources Development Leadership.