We all faced change and uncertainty because of the merger of Conoco Inc. and Phillips Petroleum Company. Mark Kamin & Associates, played a key role in getting employees to think differently about how they communicate and how effective communication can provide more than merely a bridge or a way of responding to the world. By providing access to this domain, the workshop established a new foundation for communication in which possibilities are naturally generated.

Here are some of the participants said: “I was amazed. The future has always been seen through the lens of the past, so if you can relinquish that lens, you can do anything. It was powerful … I have since used much of what I learned in my everyday life.” “The session challenged me to think about new possibilities, even in the midst of a merger.” “The information was very powerful.” “What was most valuable to me was being able to recognize how a new model of communication can make conversations so much more productive.”

Jennifer Lange, 
ConocoPhillips University