In February of this year I took May Wang’s class “Mission Control Productivity & Accomplishment Program” (MCPAP).  At the beginning of the class May promised that the MCPAP program would deliver a breakthrough in productivity.

I was very skeptical when I started the program but almost 6 months later I feel that May has kept her word. I had taken a time management course when I was a Systems Engineer Manager at IBM and found that quite helpful.

I didn’t expect to learn that much more new from the class but had decided to attend because I had so much respect for May. There were so many things that had changed since I took the course at IBM and MCPAP was so much more powerful.

There were several keys to the productivity improvement.  One was the new approach to handling Email. The second was a new powerful approach to using a to-do list and third was a more creative way of using the calendar.  When you integrated these tools with an effective process it really does help increase productivity.

May was an enthusiastic, articulate and knowledgeable presenter.  The attendees had a lot of real life problems that they were dealing with and May always had an excellent suggestions. I was impressed with her professionalism and depth of knowledge of the system. It was clear that she had been using the system for a long time. I have found that my productivity has improved through the use of the program.  I would recommend May and the MCPAP program to everyone.

Stanley Merrill, Former Systems Engineer Manager