JHR Pathfinder – A Non-Profit Out to Make A Difference

I signed on with Mark Kamin & Associates when I retired and started JHR Pathfinder: a corporation to explore ways to make an impact.  There is a wealth of talent, capacity and enthusiasm out here.  How and where to focus it? 

JHR Pathfinder’s work is done by many … but I relate to it as if it is sourced by me.  I am the cord to the outlet and MKA is my electric company.  Without a coach, we’d all be reading by candlelight.  With MKA as the electric company, empowerment flows.

Full personal and organizational power, left alone, fades; barnacles and cobwebs creep in.  With one 15-minute conversation with MKA, I come out shiny and ready to go, take some actions I hadn’t seen before … and the organization known as JHR Pathfinder beams again… to make a lasting impact in the world.

  • Example: Both my spouse and I lead nonprofits. For a long time, I resisted attending his events because they distracted me from my projects. Working with MKA, I eased up … said yes as often as I could … and shortly after, I saw that attendees at husband’s events were an excellent network for my projects.  Just this month my nonprofit provided a key speaker for his nonprofit and it was a huge success for both!
  • Example: One volunteer steps down and the next day a person asks to join our organization who is a strong replacement candidate.
  • Example: One person in our local team comes up with an idea, we try it out, tweak it, and let it run. We grow it and check if it’s working, and it is. Next thing we know, 3 months later the national organization is recommending it nationwide. We hadn’t even been talking to them about it.

These sorts of breakthroughs happen all the time now.  I keep my seatbelt firmly fastened.

Jean Ritok, Founder of JHR Pathfinder