Mass Mutual Financial Group

Business Coaching

“I have been in business coaching for 5 years and in that period my income has tripled and has consistently grown. This growth has allowed me to catch up my retirement savings, where five years ago I couldn’t believe it possible”. “Business coaching keeps me focused, intentional, balanced and happy. I have the secure feeling of partnership, friendship and camaraderie that wasn’t there in my work environment before coaching”. “Costs of coaching have been the best investment in my business. No marketing/advertising campaign has impacted my business success like coaching has, where my daily focus is first “who am I being?” “More and more with coaching, I feel consistent, anchored and balanced with my business, physical, financial, spiritual and personal relationships”.

Ellen M. Zimmermann

“I am pleased to offer this endorsement and recommendation of Susan Gauthier, the Detroit representative of Mark Kamin & Associates, Inc, who, together with her predecessor, has been a business coach for me and several of my associates and business partners over the past several years”. “During this period we have seen our businesses increase dramatically and have experienced substantial experiences of personal growth and the occurrence of many positive life-altering events”.

Moss Theodore