Matick Auto Group

It’s with genuine gratitude that I recommend working with the specialized experts at MKA. Our partnership with Mark Kamin & Associates (MKA) began in 2012 when we were in the midst of a 3-year renovation to our main showroom and automotive center located in Metro Detroit.

We were focused on maintaining high customer service throughout the extended period of construction. We were hopeful that productivity gains could emerge if we had our salesforce, parts and service teams and staff working ‘smart’ and working in a culture that values quality service and high performance.

The momentum we have experienced is unbelievable from our prior history, and has truly accelerated our trajectory of success for any project or target we put our focus on!

Our recent success pattern of increased profitability, acquisition of another dealership, and sales growth has an obviously strong correlation to the work we have done with MKA. We are able to attract and hire awesome people who are open to participating in our customized training and coaching programs, where we build our talented teams to operate at their full potential that would otherwise remain untapped. We are privileged to receive many awards recognizing our exceptional results.

We continue to “pour into” our people, and in return, they bring a new genuineness to our workplace. Every person has the opportunity to grow, contribute in fulfilling ways, and make a difference for our customers, our community, and with each other. We can see our people’s passion and joy expressed every day, so the service we provide to our customers and community is authentic and boundless.

Molly Williams, Chief Operating Officer

The training I have received from Mark Kamin & Associates, I absolutely believe is the single best and most powerful tool I have, but really, it’s not a tool, it is much more than that.  The training has transformed the way I think, operate and organize my world.  There is not a moment of my day personally or professionally where it has not shaped my thinking, speaking and listening.  For me, it has made me a really powerful communicator, I am far more effective, efficient and powerful than I have ever been with all the communication and management of my team and other people I am responsible for.  This includes the very nature of how I conduct myself no matter the situation or who I am interacting with at any of our stores.

The training has taught me how to be responsible for who I am being and who I am for others, regardless of my personal past, or past experiences I have had with people I work with, which used to control how I related to life and what I did.  I am now informed by it and have actually been liberated from the past – and now I can just “be” a much better leader.

In the areas of communication, for example, my individual performance and the performance of my team of managers, who are trained in this work to be leaders, and how they go about their normal days and their normal job responsibilities – our ability to manage our time has just been amazing.  People have gone from “I’m busy” or “I’m overwhelmed” or whatever barrier or excuse was there for me or anyone on the team, to dealing with things right in the moment.  We are much more effective.  There is no backlog or added weight on our shoulders because we just deal with things.

This training has transformed me as a leader.

Chief Fixed Operations Officer