Precision Dynamics

Sales and Management Training

Marcea Wolf-Carter of Mark Kamin & Associates has been working with Precision Dynamics’ Sales and Marketing Department for over two years. She has been a tremendous asset to me, helping me to reorganize my sales team so that each region has a clear focus on specific goals and how to be more effective. Marcea has guided me in developing two of my regional managers into stronger managers. She also assisted me make my remaining managers more accountable for their words and actions.

In the time we have worked together, Marcea has aided the generation of a team reporting system and accountability schedule that has greatly increased our sales performance and given us quicker insights into where we need to improve or alter our marketing strategies. For me personally in my role as department director, Marcea has enabled me to distinguish the importance of balancing “friendship” with strength of leadership and realizing when one is required to take precedence over the other. In all, the value of the program far outweighs the costs, and it has been money well spent.

Robin D. Barber, Director of Sales North America