Roche Laboratories

Cultural Transformation & Performance Coaching

“Mrs. Wolf-Carter did exactly what she promised, predicted and guaranteed. She made us discover new ways to collaborate and all the hidden reasons we have not to. Once we saw that collaboration is truly the only way towards progress, we were able to find the reasons to do so and deal with our own resistance, as individuals and as a group. I continue to be impressed with the lasting effect Mrs. Wolf-Carter’s coaching has had on my work environment, as are my colleagues. Mrs. Wolf-Carter’s professionalism and strict trust and confidentiality are beyond reproach as well. I can indeed wholeheartedly recommend her services without any reservation to any enterprise, small or large.”

Iris Kingma-Johnson, MD, Ph.D., Medical Director

“I write to express my appreciation of the fine work Marcea Wolf-Carter has carried out for my department over this past year and for the excellent work Marcea carried out for my organization in prior years. Marcea was engaged as an outside partner to provide training and awareness of communication, strategic planning and leadership training. Most recently, Marcea has worked with me and my direct reports to gain knowledge of and implement practices in our daily working that will enable our department to move to a future, more productive, less stressful operational environment. My direct reports are now functioning at a much higher level as a team and in turn coaching their respective direct reports/ teams to a higher level, more satisfied level of interaction and work”. “There are many techniques and technologies available. All have their value. The distinctive advantage Marcea brings to her work is the ability to engage in and bring others to engage in, meaningful communication. One quickly learns that it is the discussion that is important, not the technology.”

William L. Smith, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Investigations Medical Affairs