Sterling Bank

Client Overview

Key Growth Statistics:

  • Grew from four locations and $150 million in total assets to 35 locations and total assets of $3.5 billion
  • We had 15 consecutive years of record earnings
  • Stock price increased 2000% during that time
  • Our customer service as measured by secret shoppers increased from 43% to over 80%, considerably over industry standard
  • Listed on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” three years in a row


Downey Bridgewater, President

Mark Kamin & Associates has provided an effective methodology through which I have been able to re-invent myself and subsequently our organization. With this re­invention effort our organization has, within the last 18 months, increased our asst size by 64% to $1.7 billion. We initiated plans to expand to other marketplaces and reorganized our central management team in order to maximize the effectiveness of our company’s leadership. Through a series of seminars and individual coaching sessions with other managers and myself Our Mark Kamin & Associates consultant introduced management tools which have been adopted by our company. Our senior management team has implemented a more effective strategic planning process after which these plans have been executed. These tools have allowed us to focus on specific objectives that will maximize shareholder value. I personally have had the privilege of working with Mark Kamin & Associates and highly recommend them as an asset to your organization.

Bambi McCullough, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

I would highly recommend Mark Kamin & Associates to any organization interested in extraordinary levels of growth and development. Sterling Bank has had an ongoing relationship with Mark Kamin, as well as other consultants associated with Mark Kamin & Associates. It is clear to me that the technology that Mark Kamin continues to make available to Sterling Bank is responsible for the incredible development of positive cultural indicators that exists at the bank. Our organization implemented an organizational-wide cultural survey. The survey consisted of two instruments – a Values Audit and inside Track, a series of questions regarding perceptions of various aspects of Sterling Bank. Overall. the results of the survey were stunning – making it very clear that Sterling had access to something most organizations do not. Richard Barrett, one of our strategic partners, developer of the Values Audit, and conductor of Values Audit’s around the globe, now utilizes Sterling Bank as an example of an organization that is values aligned. In the history of inside Track to date, Sterling Bank has scored “higher” than any other organization with 85% of the tested population responding favorably. In addition to creating an aligned organization, we have experienced increases in productivity and profits. We have been able to outperform the US market in most measures. Within a period of 10 years, we grew from 200 million to 2 billion in assets and from 1.3 million to 26.6 million in net income. This required a culture that had the ability to adapt quickly as the company grew. These organizational results did not happen by accident. The work that Sterling Bank is dedicated to. Much of it implemented through Mark Kamin & Associates, has very clearly resulted in extraordinary accomplishments. Including outperforming the market in customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee fulfillment and building shareholder value.