Vanessa Ayala Medina

Associate Program Leader

Vanessa Ayala Medina has many years of experience mobilizing all sectors of the community to create environmental changes in the public and private sector. She is a member of several Advisory Boards at the local and state level. Her expertise in creating sustainable and transformative outcomes has benefited not only individuals but organizations and communities.

Since working with the public sector, Vanessa has a keen focus on working with several organizations to accomplish one mission and transform the individual “silos” by performing in a more effective “team” service system. She has successfully utilized a comprehensive framework that includes all elements of effective planning, implementation and evaluation that helps produce results and promote accountability.

Vanessa Ayala Medina is committed to cultural competence and sensitivity to ensure there is respect for the complexity of multiple cultures in communities. This requires that groups ensure that their structure, leadership, activities and messages reflect many perspectives, styles and priorities while being unified by one common goal.

Vanessa attended the University of Houston. She is active with national organizations to Prevent Suicide and create safe environments for the youth. She loves to go for long walks with her dog, Latin dance with her husband and spend time with friends in the outdoors.