High Performance In An Economic Downturn

A 9-hour program delivered in 3-hour sessions via webinar

During this time of uncertainty and economic downturn, employees, teams and organizations rightfully focus on survival. However, an economic downturn can be an opportunity to radically improve the performance of your team, re-invent your culture, and increase market share. This program is for leaders and managers who want to create a breakthrough during this time, not merely survive.

These three 3-hour interactive, online sessions provide the fundamental distinctions to create high-performing teams and organizations which operate with a high degree of communication, integrity and leadership.

Here is what we assert:

  • Fear of economic loss often drives counter-productive behavior
  • Leaders need to keep their team grounded in reality while providing an environment for creative thinking, ownership, real commitment and effective action
  • The opportunity to make a contribution is the biggest single driver of commitment in an organization
  • Integrity is a “force multiplier” for performance
  • Authentic and clear communication makes a difference
  • Talking is only part of real communication
  • Authentic listening creates a powerful connection which is what communication is for
  • When people are authentically connected they do not need to be face-to-face to excel
  • When we say ‘connected,’ we do mean people speaking and listening in a way that gives them the experience of being known, heard, and authentically related
  • Management becomes very straightforward when clear and effective communication is in place
  • Clear and effective communication transforms an organization’s relationship to “team” from ordinary to profound and extraordinary

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders dealing with an economic downturn, uncertainty, and change
  • Leaders who not only want to maintain morale, but want a thriving culture
  • Any leader concerned with the efficiency and productivity of their organization as more and more people are being asked to work remotely
  • Teams figuring out how to work together in this new environment

How to work effectively in challenging circumstances:

  • Dealing effectively with fear, uncertainty and change
  • Keeping everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction
  • Maintaining a high degree of integrity and accountability
  • Generating coordinated action 
  • Experiencing being related and connected  

For more information on open enrollment programs, or how to bring this program to your organization, please contact the member of Our Team nearest you or call our corporate office at 713.974.3992.

See video clips from this program as led by our founder, Mark Kamin