“You and Me” Business Model

Creating Sustainable Value for all Constituencies of an Organization

An organization implementing the “You and Me” Business Model serves all of their constituencies – their shareholders, customers, employees and their families, and even their communities – without sacrificing the needs of any of the others.

The “You and Me” Business Model distinguishes what it truly takes to create a collaborative culture, dissolve silos between departments, and eliminate the need for CYA; this causes people to perform at extraordinary levels as part of their natural self-expression.

We have a process that gives you access to creating a transformed organization. Our model of organization, when implemented, substantially enhances the likelihood of long-term sustainable performance and real value for all stakeholders. In our model of an organization the culture pulls for people being extraordinary.

There are seven critical distinctions in this new business model:

1. Abundance
Abundance is a way of being and operating that is grounded in a positive point of view that everyone can, in fact, win. This point of view allows one to see opportunities that were obscured by the commonplace mindset of scarcity, which is very rampant in our organizations.

2. Excellence and a demand for excellence
Being excellent is exceeding expectations at all levels. It is an ever expanding way of being, not a history of results you have produced. Being really excellent is nurturing and produces vitality.

3. Accountability
People find that being held to account is an empowerment to getting the job done because they see that being held to account honors who they are, what they contribute to the organization, and the future of the organization. One becomes more and more a request to be held to account for one’s promises.

4. Integrity
When the culture of an organization is built on integrity; when every person relates to themselves as their word and others as their word, rather than their personalities, performance become enormously more workable.

5. Alignment
If you have an organization in which people are aligned, they are fulfilling critical objectives and there is a high degree of coordination. Alignment and team arise together and produce momentum and results that are not predictable.

6. Leadership
Leadership is the power to get that which is not likely to happen, to in fact happen and to happen in a way that people you lead are empowered. A leader’s job is to create and fulfill the future – a future where all stakeholders are winners.

7. Service and Contribution
When people are operating from an opportunity to contribute fully, their performance goes up. Often people collapse or confuse being servile with being of service. There is tremendous personal power with a commitment to being of service at all times and under all circumstances.

The competitive advantage of operating from all seven distinctions of the “You and Me” Business Model, is having a high performance culture that is sustained over time.

An example of what is possible when an organization operates inside the “You and Me” Model is Allegiance Bank:

Allegiance is 11 years old, has 16 locations, started with 12 employees and now has 366 employees and $2.9 billion in assets. The bank launched in 2007, went public in 2015 (ABTX). The value doubled ($10 to $21/share) in the first 8 years (2007-2015), then doubled again ($21 to $40/share) in the last 2.5 years (2016-present).

The bank attributes rapid growth in loans and deposits to their commitment to mastering the elements of this new model. They have designed a culture and processes to support all constituencies in mastering the “You and Me” Business Model.